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UX Design
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We are design & development
team that is proud of
our work.

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Web Development

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UI/UX Design

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SEO & Marketing

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Creiamo il futuro insieme alle giovani menti

La nostra startup innovativa a vocazione sociale è un’entusiasmante percorso che ha come missione principale portare l’UX Design nelle scuole per far emergere il talento nascosto dei giovani tra i 7 e i 13 anni.

Il progetto nasce nel 2015, da marzo 2023 siamo nelle scuole italiane ed europee.




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Core Features.

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Creative Design

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Retina Ready

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Clean Code

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100% Responsive

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Support 24/7

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Easy Customization

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hackathon UX for Kids

Services Package.

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Basic Plan.

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Advanced Plan.

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Patricia Parsons

Art Director

Paul O’Brien

Senior Designer

Victoria Floyd

Lead Developer

Joseph Bridges


What Clients Say.

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Joseph Bridges

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